Winter Games in America

lake placid

In February 1932, the first Olympic Winter Games to be hosted in North America took place in Lake Placid, NY.

American Experience

New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt opened the Games on February 4, 1932.  Seventeen countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

A wonderful Official Report of the 1932 Games is available here.

                                                  Medal Table

olympics medal table

Source: Wikipedia

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Horror on the Run

Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish Line

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Horse-Drawn to Your Door

abraham-strauss wagonUnknown Brooklyn location shows an Abraham & Straus horse-drawn wagon, manned by deliverymen Eddie Luft, left, and Frank Chick Rosso, about to deliver the purchases of borough shoppers.

This was way before my time (yes it was) and my parents’ time but would’ve been right back there in my grandparents’ time. In those days, a horse-drawn delivery from a department store wasn’t just a delivery, it was an event; guaranteed to attract swarms of the curious and envious to your door. While Abraham & Strauss is now only a memory, curiosity and envy live on.

By the way, I’m still waiting for a delivery from Macy’s and suspect that it’s coming via this very same horse and carriage team.

Source: Brooklyn New York Baby Boomers and Everyone Who Loves Brooklyn

This Wave Is For You


The surfing world is buzzing today on reports that Hawaiian Garrett McNamara got the holy grail of the sport—a 100-foot wave. via Newser

Had the same thing happen to me once…when my bathtub overflowed.

On The Road To The Olympics

The London Olympics Are Really Doing It Right!
I can remember the time when we only had four blokes named John, Paul, George and Ringo crossing here; then again, I’m old…but happily still alert and constantly on the lookout for such events. Cheers!