Frost Catch of the Night


These hardy fishermen at Steeplechase Pier were among the few people encountered last night by photographer Bruce Handy on his walk through snowy Coney Island. Later this month, Bruce’s photos will be on view in “A Stroll Through Coney Island Among Friends,” a photo exhibit featuring the work of five photographers and friends. The exhibit opens on February 22 at Coney Island USA’s Shooting Gallery/Arts Annex on Surf Avenue.

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New Years Come and Go


New York City, 1959. Photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum.

As revelers across the globe prepare to usher in 2014, here’s a look at New Year’s Eve kisses from years past, brought to us by the photographers of Magnum. From Henri Cartier-Bresson’s classic photograph of a Times Square kiss to Guy Le Querrec’s now historic image of an affectionate couple seated on the Berlin Wall, it’s a convivial collection that takes us into the new year with gusto.    The New Yorker


Scintillating Confinement

New York - 110

Gotham City

New York has a trip-hammer vitality which drives you insane with restlessness, if you have no inner stabilizer…. In New York I have always felt lonely, the loneliness of the caged animal, which brings on other madness.” – Last week I found myself roaming the streets of NY. In next couple of days I will post some photos from that walk around.  Nenad Spasojevic

Home Sweet Weirdness

City In The World from Colby Moore on Vimeo

A short and creepy montage of scenes shot around the ever-photogenic island of Manhattan — filmed entirely in high-dynamic range and comprised of some HDR Timelapse footage I shot, along with a collection of slow-motion and normal 24fps footage processed from Red Epic-X RAW video that I recently captured and then exported as -2,0+2 TIFF stacks to be tone mapped in Photomatix using a batch processing workflow.

Again, I only live here…totally convinced that this place is merely fictional.

Barely Incidental to Plastic Sunshine


“In the majority of cases, conscience is an elastic and very flexible article, which will bear a deal of stretching and adapt itself to a great variety of circumstances. Some people by prudent management and leaving it off piece by piece like a flannel waistcoat in warm weather, even contrive, in time, to dispense with it altogether; but there be others who can assume the garment and throw it off at pleasure; and this, being the greatest and most convenient improvement, is the one most in vogue.”~Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop

photo: Global Informer