Valentine’s Day and Other Snowstorms

darth vader valentine

“Let Love Be With You”

Apparently, the most unlikely people manage to fall in love…even Darth Vader, that star-trotting imperialist from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, etc. Nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you romantically ambitious and/ or contemplative types out there. Insofar as I’m concerned…I’m married.

At present, my wife and I are attempting to disinter ourselves from the fourth (or is it fifth or sixth?) snowstorm of the season.  We’re waxing philosophical between shovelfuls of snow and ice, pondering the unanswerable; as follows:

Why is there something rather than nothing? Why does the universe, the laws which govern it, exist the way it does and not in some other way? Why does it exist at all? Or is everything that we perceive merely a will-o’-the-wisp of human expectancy: philosophy’s anthropic principle?

According to the latest weather report, we should expect 3-4 more inches of snow tonight. Isn’t it romantic? I presume Darth Vader would think so!

Photo: Cinémur

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A Kink to Xmas


We’ve come a long way indeed from those Dickensian Christmases of old; each passing year bringing a newfangled style of yuletide diversion. Now the proprietors of one Chelsea (Manhattan) boutique are even catering to those who are into more bizarre, leather-based festivities…with accompanying chains, rubber gear, and recalcitrant attitudes.

Nasty Pig sells a combination of casual men’s clothing and fetish gear, so it makes sense that their Christmas windows are just a tad kinkier than the usual holiday display. Stylist Polar Buranasatit dressed two Rootstein mannequins as a beardless Santa and his harness-wearing sidekick Rudolph. {read more} Racked/ photo gallery

What would Marley’s Ghost have to say to all of this? Then again, he was into chains himself.