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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….the higher the better.

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Subway Geisha


Earlier this month, Photo Booth looked at the New York City subway over time. This week, they’ve curated a selection of contemporary images from subways around the world. Click-through for a slideshow: via  The New Yorker

I’m happy to see that Madame Butterfly is alive and well and commuting. This wasn’t seen in New York; our subway couldn’t look this good, even if it was photo-shopped.

Google Man Rides the Rails


Sergey Brin spotted on the NY subway — wearing Google Glass

I’m not sure about the “most powerful man in the world,” but Brin is a billionaire perhaps 18 times over, is number 24 on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world, and owns a Boeing 767 jet. And yet, he  apparently rides the subway just like any other commuter in New York, wearing a beanie cap and a track jacket.

One thing he’s wearing that most other commuters can’t, however, is Google Glass.

Source: Onkar Singh Gujral–Google+

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Ah, to be fortunate enough to routinely glide through life on a whim and sometimes commute via an impromptu photo-op. Nevertheless, I have a sense of humor; always a pushover for a sporty act…no matter how filthy rich the actor may be.

A Subway App…That Works?


Attention, New Yorkers! Want to know when the next subway train will arrive? The MTA now has an app for that.

This Subway Time looks like yet another technological innovation on the part of the MTA that’s destined to go kaput. As always, commuters aren’t  really concerned over when a train will arrive, just so long as it does arrive.

Alas, I predict that it won’t be long before commuters realize that neither the app, the tracking system nor the expectant trains are functioning properly; and Subway Time will simply be the usual waste of time.

On The Town

Alessandra – Williamsburg Bridge

Sara – New York City subway

Violeta – Hudson River Park

Violeta – Lincoln Tunnel

Helen – South Beach

Gaby – Gantry Plaza State Park

Rebekah – Williamsburg

Sara – Soho

Source: Ballerina Project–Tumblr