Tis Beatles Whence Landed

Here is a sample from a 15 minute clip made from every newsreel, news report, raw footage, etc filmed of the boys arriving in America on February 7, 1964 in New York City, NY at JFK Airport! Enjoy! Katmak21

I was only 10 years old then, but I was convinced that this was the life for me: to be rich and famous and a musician. Well, I became a musician…albeit, rich in debt and famous among creditors.

originally posted: 02/07/13

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Dickensian Under Snow

New York City - Snow - Janus - East Village Lights

                                   New York CityEast Village in the Snow

The Village is one of those places that, when it snows, transforms itself into a winter scene out of Dickens. Any neighborhood that could show such respect to my lifelong favorite writer deserves my utmost congratulations. Having said that, this is one helluva cold winter we’re having!

Photo Source (Full Gallery) NY Through the Lens


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Little Shop Back Then


369 Audubon Avenue in Washington Heights, Manhattan ca. 1910

Museum of the City of New York–photo collection

Many historians will contend that life, in general, was much more difficult and uncertain in those days. I personally agree with them. However, I’d argue that life also was far less complex, which often made it far more comprehensible and compliant to dreams.

Gawk on the Wild Side


Angus MacLise, top left in a 1965 photograph of the original Velvet Underground; clockwise from him are Sterling Morrison, Lou Reed and John Cale. Donald Greenhaus/Shabobba International, LLC

There have been few bands so closely identified with their cities of origin as the Velvet Underground and New York. The city’s landscape and denizens and general atmosphere permeate many of the band’s songs, evoking a version of NYC that’s now long gone. Still, the vestiges of 1960s New York are still to be found if you look hard enough, and as part of our ongoing VU week, we thought it’d be interesting to see what’s become of some of the locations most identified with the band. So click through to check out some of the locations on our swanky, somewhat interactive Velvet Underground map of New York. via FlavorWire


For Those Who Go Chasing Rabbits

Alice for the iPad 2: Alice in New York

For people with an appreciation for the literary and/ or fanciful (or, then again, for people who are simply deranged), now you can really do the hurly-burly wonderland of New York–with Alice…especially when she’s 10-feet tall.


Bridging the Crowded Images

manhattan bridge

As Above, So Below

Utilizing the three-dimensional surface of the Manhattan Bridge, the projection installation explores the idea of “crowd art” while pushing the boundaries of new cutting-edge video technology.

Source: The Official Historic House Trust of New York City/ Vimeo

Note: Depending on your browser, the video may take some time to load. My efforts to embed the code here went awry; instead, I’m linking to the video. But it’s a marvelous viewing experience.

Lock-and-Load Booming

The madness continues:

2 Firefighters Shot, KILLED At Scene In Webster, New York– Huffington Post


Along with the leading cause:

Nut Job

The generation of idiots, rubes, psychotics, and guns is endless…the Lock-and-Load Impresario, LaPierre, views this as a perpetual boom in business. If this moth-eaten fool, along with the reprehensible agency he heads, continues with this type of business…well, our nation will experience a far more deadly and widespread form of social bankruptcy.