Goodbye to The Colonel

Internet Mourns Death of Colonel Meow
Stop for a meow-ment of silence — Colonel Meow has died.

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Faile’s Frightful Spiraling

faile-terror war
Faile‘s working with another image from the Les Ballets de Faile exhibit this winter at NYCB. #FAILENYCBallet #NYCBArtSeries via Faile Art/ New York City Ballet-Facebook

Resourcefully Contained


After spending years fighting gentrification in Williamsburg a couple decided to make their own house instead of paying inflated housing rates.

The catch? The three-story house is made of shipping containers.

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You have to admire the resourcefulness of some people. Nowadays, when the going gets tough they invariably come up with quite creative responses to their difficulties. Just when I thought that abandoned warehouses were the ultimate in new age domiciles, shipping containers are now in vogue. What’s next? Perhaps clever residences strewn along abandoned shipyards.


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Scratch Up a Cat’s Meow


The Cat Scratch from SUCK UK is a cardboard turntable scratching pad. It even comes with stickers, a spinning deck and a posable tone arm. via  Cat Scratch – The Awesomer

A sure-fire gift for the cat in one’s life who has everything. In fact, it looks so adorably peculiar that my wife is thinking of getting me one.

“My Tablets! Quick, My Tablets!”

fifties--today – Visual Inspiration

I happen to be from the 1950s; oftentimes totally bewildered by the aforementioned “entirety of information known to man.” What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven but look at pictures of cats (and babes) and argue with strangers (and family) in light of our intellectual stimulation (and degeneration)? What will Hamlet have to say about this piece of work!


Meow To That Ho Ho Ho Jive


Whereas this put-upon cat was probably maintaining a low profile the rest of the year, this Xmas reveler felt compelled to make a complete fool out of him. But that’s Yuletide showbiz…and I love it!

Source: And My Cat