Frost Catch of the Night


These hardy fishermen at Steeplechase Pier were among the few people encountered last night by photographer Bruce Handy on his walk through snowy Coney Island. Later this month, Bruce’s photos will be on view in “A Stroll Through Coney Island Among Friends,” a photo exhibit featuring the work of five photographers and friends. The exhibit opens on February 22 at Coney Island USA’s Shooting Gallery/Arts Annex on Surf Avenue.

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Shoot ‘Em Up Comfort Zone


Do you remember playing this antique shooting gallery that was next to our Spook-A-Rama for many years? It was made right here in Coney Island at WF Mangels factory. We’ve taken it out of storage and are letting Coney Island USA install it in their building on Surf Ave where Denny’s Ice Cream used to be! Thanks to Charles Denson of the Coney Island History Project for his 1975 photo–Coney Island History Project.

In the days before shoot ’em up video games, and when away from an actual shooting range or combat zone, these were usually the locales for those of us anxious to shoot off some steam. Schools, office buildings, movie theatres, etc, were concerned with other forms of business; their functions being far less multidimensional.

However, Charles Whitman‘s groundbreaking virtuosity at the University of Texas in 1966 should have given us pause to see a bad moon rising through the blood-drenched novelty of it all. But I digress.



Coney’s Olde Worlde Gala

Join Coney Island USA as we invade Manhattan at the oldest nightclub of New York, Webster Hall, and celebrate the Coney Island USA Spring Gala. The Spring Gala is the premiere fundraising event for Coney Island USA. This benefit draws a host of celebrities, trendsetters, and superstars of the Burlesque and Sideshow movement. The 2013 Spring Gala is The Burlesque Manifesto and will honor the role Coney Island USA played in beginning the neo-burlesque movement that is now a global sensation. The Burlesque Manifesto is an article written by Coney Island USA Founder and Executive Artistic Director Dick Zigun some 30 years ago. It is widely considered the beginning of the massive burlesque renaissance. Coney Island USA Spring Gala 2013 at Webster Hall, March 9, 2013.


Henry Miller once described Coney Island most provocatively and, some would say, most accurately: “Everything is sordid, shoddy, thin as pasteboard. A Coney Island of the mind….Everything is sliding and crumbling, everything glitters, totters, teeters, titters.” (Black Spring, 1936) But I’m convinced that Miller, mercurial intellect that he was, would also appreciate the thrilling sordidness, the intriguing shoddiness, of this pasteboard-thin brilliant illusion.




Images: Coney Island USA