Over a Century Ago, Caught in Snow

The footage is old and dark, so for some guidance let’s turn to the Edison Catalog, where they provide this plot summary: “A realistic panoramic view taken at Madison Square, New York City, on February 17, 1902. A portion of the New York Fire Department trying to make their way to a fire through the immense snow drifts. A few pedestrians are bravely plodding through the immense piles of snow, and a snow plow is hard at work on the Broadway, underground trolley line, endeavoring to clear the tracks. Madison Square, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, the Fifth Avenue Hotel, and 23rd Street are all shown in succession.”

Too bad there’s no footage of New Yorkers walking across the frozen East River, or building that bar on the frozen Hudson.

The Gothamist

We New Yawkers are now (once again) shoveling our way through our present-day snow. In spite of that, it’s nice to reminisce…with the hope that some things become confined to reminiscence.