Flowing Ice-Edged Particolored

Frozen Niagara Falls Light Show

A Frozen Niagara Falls Light Show Looks like A Magical Wonderland.

Ice cold but still beautiful.

Niagara Falls is always powerfully beautiful. A frozen Niagara Falls is even more impressive, like pressing pause on nature to hear the silence. A frozen Niagara Falls filled with colors from a light show? Just look. Photographer Michael Muraz showed us these amazing images of Niagara Falls and the frozen colors make it look like a wonderland.

Check out the rest of the photos at the link below… 🙂  Angel D.

More info: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/a-frozen-niagara-falls-light-show-looks-like-a-magical-1507925738

My wife and I enjoyed several second honeymoons up there. Of course, not only amidst the snow and ice but during more sensual because temperate times of the year. Nevertheless, it’s one of our favorite year-round getaways; a resort for all seasons and passions.

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