Threnody For A Dying Piano

Big Apple Dayze

solopiano2 On a cold winter morning, a lone piano stands curbside in New York City. Passersby slow, stop, and play. Some play well. All day long they collect and disperse, and into the night they measure and shove and deliberate. What if…? Can we take it? Who abandons a piano?

Plinking slightly out-of-tune over the white noise of Broadway’s cars, buses, trucks, and sirens, the piano awaits its fate. Solo, Piano – NYC is a 5-minute film [NY Times video] of the last 24 hours of a once-wanted piano. Source: Anthony Sherin

As a musician (a pianist; guitarist, too), I found this clip to be extremely poignant; a provocative elegy that is intensified simply by being understated.

A piano; an apparatus of wood, steel and ivory…but much more than that. Sharing an integral part of the human spirit, conjoined in music–even at the end, its last feeble, desperate…

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