Dressed to Freeze

polar vortex                                                                                   Photo: Shel Serkin

Hundreds of millions of Americans may be shivering in their diapers due to the big, scary Polar Vortex that’s swept down from the Kingdom of the North, but for New Yorkers accustomed to crawling over jagged mountains of shattered skulls just to get to the subway every morning, it’s just another day in paradise. The temperature is currently a balmy 5 degrees Fahrenheit, so to cool off you’ll want to get as close to the river as possible, where refreshing wind chills make it feel like 16 below. It’s good to be alive! Gothamist

Yes, Polar Vortex is in town and he’s really putting on a show. He was photographed this morning, strolling along a stretch of permafrost, looking cool and inconspicuous. He reportedly took some time out to autograph a few snowballs, do a bit of window shopping, while customarily jostling his way through crowds. His present whereabouts are unknown but it’s rumored that he’s headed for the top of the Empire State Building.

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