Wringing in the New


“Le meilleur de tous les mondes possibles.”

Let me begin by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Here’s hoping that 2014 will be a whole lot better (or, at least, not any worse) than 2013. Of course, since I’m a quietly amused pessimist, I invariably expect the worst if only to allow for less disappointment and increased surprise. But this probably stems from the fact that I’ve read the complete works of Voltaire (in the original French…er, sort of) with whom I share a spirit of skepticism along with a passion for coffee.

However, we here in NYC began the year with a snowstorm and a snow job (namely, Mayor de Blasio); the latter, I predict, will be much more difficult to dig ourselves out from under. Nevertheless, after 12 years of the Emperor Bloomberg it was only natural that the imperial opposition of crackpots should have their turn on the throne…at our expense, of course.

For those of you who might have wondered where I’ve been over the past year, oftentimes disappearing from blogging for months at a time, I’ve embarked on a series of studies. Coursera and edX offer an incredible panoply of free online courses of which I’ve indulged myself. Everything from Music to Classical Studies to Architecture, Philosophy to Literature to History (a few of my favorite things) were there to illuminate and delight me. Indeed, I never had such a workload of course material since I attended college/ university in physical form, some three or four decades ago (yes, I’m that old).

Again, Happy New Year to All. Best Regards from me, my wife Steffie, and our fascinating if inscrutable cat Zoltan. See you soon. Ciao!

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