A Kink to Xmas


We’ve come a long way indeed from those Dickensian Christmases of old; each passing year bringing a newfangled style of yuletide diversion. Now the proprietors of one Chelsea (Manhattan) boutique are even catering to those who are into more bizarre, leather-based festivities…with accompanying chains, rubber gear, and recalcitrant attitudes.

Nasty Pig sells a combination of casual men’s clothing and fetish gear, so it makes sense that their Christmas windows are just a tad kinkier than the usual holiday display. Stylist Polar Buranasatit dressed two Rootstein mannequins as a beardless Santa and his harness-wearing sidekick Rudolph. {read more} Racked/ photo gallery

What would Marley’s Ghost have to say to all of this? Then again, he was into chains himself.