Is The Pudding Singing In The Copper?

Big Apple Dayze

christmas pudding

When I was a child, growing up in the wilds of Brooklyn, pudding was synonymous with My*T*Fine Pudding; since 1918, the “premium cook-n-serve pudding” for many Americans. Directions: stir 4 cups of milk into the mix, heat on a medium flame until the mixture thickens, pour the bubbly brew into serving dishes, allow to cool and you’re done.

In England, pudding is a big event, built on an even bigger process and richer tradition. My*T*Fine’s appearance would truly raise a few eyebrows over there and be dismissed as a concoction more befitting a hasty snack (or candy) than anything even resembling a pudding…let alone a Christmas Pudding.

Whereas My*T*Fine’s traditions are circa 1918, English pudding’s origins are set in the Middle Ages. It contained a hearty array of ingredients such as chopped poultry and rabbit; later on, sugar, raisins and candied apples and oranges were added. In…

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