Food, Glorious Food?

porridge brooklyn

If a young Oliver Twist lived in Brooklyn in 2013, he would probably go to the Brooklyn Porridge Co., a Park Slope pop-up specializing in “whole grain porridges.” The boy Oliver could have his fill of soupy, boiled oats with toppings like portobello & pesto, artichoke hearts & white truffle oil, or ham with Vermont cheddar. Or, the pauper child could simply design his own bowl of gluten-free, non-GMO gruel, with two toppings for $6.95. Eater

Charles Dickens must be rolling over in his grave. Being a life-long student of the complete works and assorted idiosyncrasies of that great writer, I could confidently assert that gourmet pauperism was beyond his fiction. Of course, Boz didn’t live in a time and place, so unabashedly comfortable, that it allowed for such capricious poverty.