Pink Amidst the Brownstones

Big Apple Dayze

Among the variety of life’s peculiar spices, there are certain spices I just love to hate with a delightful sense of passionate heartburn: the “Pink House” of Park Slope, for example. Back in the 1960s, when a more colorful because more radical style pervaded the air (superficially, at least) a man by the name of Bernie Henry was apparently in sync with the times. One day he apparently became so overpowered with that flower power age that he decided on an appropriately flowery response…he painted his brownstone domicile a bubble gum or Pepto-Bismol pink.

Park Slope, in the 1960s, was far from being colorful and even further away from being flowery; in fact, the neighborhood was in a crumbling state of dilapidation. Henry’s house quickly became known as the “Pink House” and its pink-coated effrontery defied the prevailing decline of his neighborhood; a hilariously radical move amid hysterically radical…

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