Are You Comfy, Zelda?


For an easy $2,795 a night (plus tax), you can stay at The Plaza Hotel‘s 700-square-foot F. Scott Fitzgerald suite. The suite features a library nook (to reflect the writer’s literary magnificence), a built-in bar (to reflect his inebriate ebullience), as well as “Roaring 2000s conveniences like a 3-D television” (to reflect contemporary self-importance).

One hopes that Fitzgerald would have liked Restoration Hardware, because the Deco-inspired furniture company provided the chandeliers, the furniture and just about everything else in the suite, right down to the paint on the walls. Ms. Martin said the color, Subtle Velvet Graphite, evokes a “wistfulness,” though it also reflects the rich palette of the new film. The Fitzgerald Suite is on the hotel’s 18th floor, a few rooms down from the Eloise Suite.

Needless to say, my wife and I are never so luxuriously accommodated when staying at our hotel of necessitated choice: Best Western.

Source: NYTimes