Apollo 11: One Proud, Faltering Step

Big Apple Dayze

Nearly everyone who was alive will remember where they were and what they were doing on the evening of July 20, 1969. An estimated 500-600 million people, in all parts of the world, watched one of the greatest achievements in human history unfold before their eyes: a man, soon followed  by a second man, stepping onto the surface of the Moon.  They saw, for the most part, fuzzy, blurred images through an oftentimes garbled transmission (the anchorpersons constantly forced to frantically ad lib when audio or video transmission or both would be lost), but that didn’t really matter. Most people were fascinated in spite of the poor picture quality…they were fascinated that this moment was happening at all.

Seconds after stepping onto the Moon, Neil Armstrong made a short statement that would become one of history’s most famous, often quoted, often misquoted, lines. He intended to say “That was…

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