Don’t Wanna Brag, But…


Yes, indeed. We somehow knew that you could actually kill a person with implements that were forever known to have the potential to be lethal. Scenes of cartoon-oriented and lampoon-oriented mayhem didn’t have to be hidden from us behind cautionary disclaimers and restrictions.

What’s more, there were adults (mature both in body and mind) in those days who usually supervised our various diversions while offering technical advice. When required, their admonishment was also much more thought-provoking and not easily forgotten.

For instance, not once did Moe, Larry or Curly drive me towards hitting another kid over the head with a sledgehammer; nor did Foghorn Leghorn inspire me to plant a bomb under Brandy the Irish Setter who lived next door. “Violence” like that only existed in a caricatured world of  lovable clowns and cartoons; unfortunately, the real violence would exist beyond, and in spite of, the laughter…with or without disclaimers.