Head Swimming on the Hudson


The crew team at New York’s Marist College came across a puzzling sight this week when a large, foam head, floating in the Hudson River, crossed their path toward the end of their morning row.

While on the river Monday morning, crew coach Matt Lavin was the first to spot the mysterious 7-foot-high, fiberglass-c0vered head, which is 4 to 5 feet wide. The ominous sighting gave the coach pause, and he had his team stay back as he approached to investigate.

Where the head came from remains a mystery. Some theorize that it’s wreckage from a Mardis Gras float that washed away during Hurricane Katrina eight years ago. While others think that some similar decapitation occurred during the more recent Hurricane Sandy. Nevertheless, it’s always handy to have a local mystery or two around to fill in slow news days and desperate blogs.

via Yahoo! News