If I Didn’t Live Here Forever, I’d Visit For Awhile


The word on the streets and through the caverns of New York City is that it’s the Number One destination for foreign tourists, according to Global Insight, an international economic analysis firm. No wonder I found it so crowded here lately, as a flurry of cultures and languages swarmed around me; one and all attracted by the city’s ingenious marketing campaign, and weak American dollar, to come skip the Big Apple‘s light fantastic.

As Jennifer Lee told the NY Times: “The United States, unlike many other large industrialized countries, does not have a central tourism promotion and marketing agency. New York City, however, has been running a global ad campaign called “This is New York City.” The huge popularity of “Sex and the City” (both the HBO television series and the recent movie), which NYC & Co. has promoted, has helped to draw female tourists seeking a taste of the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle.”  Then again, I’m still in my personal Breakfast At Tiffany‘s groove and forever entranced by that “Moon River” style of romanticism.

Since the 9/11 attacks, NYC remained one of the few cities in America to have experienced an increase rather than decline in tourism…and not merely to gaze at Ground Zero, but to actually enjoy other activities (maybe visiting the Empire State Building or Times Square…or something like that). This lively surge of foreign visitors is forcing many local businesses to, among other things, set prices in foreign currency.  However, while this is good news for the local economy it’s bad news for New Yorkers traveling abroad.  However, that’s the way the cookies and the coins crumble.

via “Foreign Visitors Adore New York City” NY Times