A Bit of Something Cheesy?


via EV Grieve

At some point this week an intriguing new piece of artwork or garbage or unfinished Muppet head prop turned up in the shadows of the Astor Place cube. It’s unclear how it landed here, or what it is, but it’s lasted at least a full 36 hours on the mean streets of NYC, which is 10 years when you convert inanimate object time into human time. Which means it’s basically a New Yorker now. via What Is This New “Sculpture” In Astor Place?: Gothamist.


2 comments on “A Bit of Something Cheesy?

  1. kerbey says:

    Oh, good Lord. I hope my taxes aren’t subsidizing this crap. I hope this artist gets a real job. It’s like an enormous bird ate a warehouse full of Flaming Hot Cheetos and then regurgitated it on to the sidewalk. Please tell me this is not indicative of Yankees. Is this bc y’all aren’t allowed to drink supersized Cokes anymore?

    • GrayFoxDown says:

      No, this was a mysteriously brief and amusing “artistic” aberration; a form of creativity that would be far too ridiculous…even for us Yankee New Yorkers. There’s been no comment from Mayor Bloomberg.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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