Flashing Out of the Blue


A meteor that shattered over Chelyabinsk, Russia, today injured some 950 people, with more than 110 hospitalized, RT reports. Several victims are said to be in “grave” condition, RIA Novosti reports. The 10-ton meteor was traveling at least 33,000mph when it entered the atmosphere, experts say, according to the AP. The explosion occurred between 18 and 32 miles from ground level near the Ural Mountains. Shockwaves damaged buildings, the BBC reports, breaking glass that caused most of the injuries. via Newser

Obviously, this could just as well had happened anywhere else in the world: here in Brooklyn or wherever you reside. I believe that this is the first time a meteor strike was so vividly captured on film; striking as it did, in broad daylight, over a populated area that was camera-ready. A miracle that even more people weren’t injured; a bigger miracle that no one (according to recent reports) was killed.

raw footage video: Live Science