All Snow & No Play: A Dull Day

jack and lloyd reflection

Lloyd (a shining fount of spirited wisdom) informing me that we were in for a blizzard. He asked, as he poured another drink, “Want some whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea? ” But that’s another story.

Handout photo of winter storms over the northeastern United States courtesy of NOAA

Winter storms are seen over the northeastern United States in this February 8, 2013 GOES satellite image courtesy of NOAA. REUTERS


Two women search for a taxi in the snow in Times Square Friday night as the winter’s first big blizzard hits New York.


This enterprising guy makes a snowman by the fountain at Lincoln Center.


2 comments on “All Snow & No Play: A Dull Day

  1. We were lucky here in the center of Penn’s Woods. The front passed and moved on to meet you and the coastal storm. Sorry we didn’t join the party. We just tossed a bit of confetti and blew it around.

    • GrayFoxDown says:

      Then I envy you; and my sore back (victimized by snow-heavy shoveling) envies you even more. Nonetheless, it could’ve been worse; regions to the north of NYC bore the brunt of the action.

      Thanks for the feedback, Dave.

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