Gawk on the Wild Side


Angus MacLise, top left in a 1965 photograph of the original Velvet Underground; clockwise from him are Sterling Morrison, Lou Reed and John Cale. Donald Greenhaus/Shabobba International, LLC

There have been few bands so closely identified with their cities of origin as the Velvet Underground and New York. The city’s landscape and denizens and general atmosphere permeate many of the band’s songs, evoking a version of NYC that’s now long gone. Still, the vestiges of 1960s New York are still to be found if you look hard enough, and as part of our ongoing VU week, we thought it’d be interesting to see what’s become of some of the locations most identified with the band. So click through to check out some of the locations on our swanky, somewhat interactive Velvet Underground map of New York. via FlavorWire