Circling Over the V-N


A mother falcon circles around the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, while her chicks are nesting 693-feet atop the Brooklyn tower. Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge is seen in the background.

Of course, this majestic madam needn’t concern herself with the MTA‘s latest toll hike: $15 (yes, fifteen bucks) to cross this span, making it (I believe) the most expensive bridge toll in the world. When the V-N opened in 1964 (I remember it well) the toll was 50 cents…and was supposed to be “temporary.”

(photo: MTA…yeah, thanks for the snapshot; without disparagement towards the falcon, it’s a reminder of your high-flying rapaciousness.)


8 comments on “Circling Over the V-N

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Awesome photo! Ridiculous toll! But it just might be worth it to see the falcon. I’d drive reaaaalllly slowly with my binoculars out the window. 🙂

    • GrayFoxDown says:

      Unfortunately, the ridiculous toll is just one amidst the ridiculous cost of living in this town today; adding insult to injury: rapidly paying more for less. There was a time when (not that long ago) a dollar was a dollar…even here! Now a dollar merely comprises the insignificant change of bigger money.

      Drive slowly? You’ll be risking a scherzo of blaring horns to the accompaniment of one finger salutes. NYC’s speed limit is based on mood not on what’s posted. And if you’re spotted taking pictures! Oh, God! But I’d admire your courage.

      • sonofwalt says:

        Oh believe me. I know. I’m one of the few weirdos who actually doesn’t mind driving into the city, which is why the image was funny to me.

      • GrayFoxDown says:

        Got it! I also admire your sense of humor.

      • sonofwalt says:

        I find it’s actually getting into the city that’s the worst part for me. Google maps and memory are of little help. They seem to move exits year to year. At least that is this Pennsylvanian’s experience. . . or perhaps this Pennsylvanian’s fading memory. I imagine it’s a hell of a lot more frustrating just trying to get from one place to another when you live there. From out here, it’s just part of the journey and to be expected. I guess a breakdown down town is just part of the adventure to this country bumpkin from the hills. 🙂
        And thank you! I really enjoy your blog.

      • GrayFoxDown says:

        Country bumpkin, you say. In my neighborhood, almost everyone’s from the country. Many Brooklyn natives (like me) have long since moved to the country.

        Thanks so much for the encouragement.

      • sonofwalt says:

        🙂 Shrug. The weird thing is, living here in the middle of Pennsylvania, literally, there are roads that intersect in the weirdest places, so that in a county with a population of less than a hundred thousand people, it still can take a half hour to drive 6 miles. Anywho, come stay here, I can show you the back roads.

      • GrayFoxDown says:

        I’m well acquainted with back roads…the back roads that come from being lost. My sense of direction is such that I could probably wind up driving from NYC to Miami…by way of Los Angeles. Thankfully, for both of us, I just drive while my wife navigates.

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