Steampunk Sword and Sorcery


Success here in Brooklyn! Park Slope (my current neighborhood) and Bay Ridge (my former stomping grounds) have finally made it to the funny pages. Something told me, long ago, that this was inevitable.

In Curses! Foiled Again, a new graphic novel by artist Mike Cavallaro and author Jane Yolen, our beloved brownstones and potholes provide the backdrop for sword and sorcery escapades. Aliera Carstairs is a typical Brooklyn teenager: student, aspiring champion fencer…and defender of the Fairies. While Aliera goes about the business of going to school by day and defending fairies via crossing swords at night, the reader gets a “tour” of Brooklyn.

Aliera’s apartment is modeled after the brownstone where Cavallaro lives. Her high school is based on an old school building on Vanderbilt Avenue near Grand Army Plaza — it has since been converted into condos. Another home is modeled after some Bay Ridge neighborhoods, and there are plenty more glimpses of brownstones and bodegas out of the bus windows as Aliera rides to school.

How was I to know that this sort of stuff was going on? I just live here; cleverly antiquated and conspicuously lost in my memoirs. When I was growing up, the newest and most fascinating kid on the block was Peter “Spider-Man” Parker.

Source: Sword in the Brownstone–The Brooklyn Paper


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