Just Toting My Subject Matter

Everything I Took to the  Antarctica Orientation (Colorado)

A heavily traveled Brooklyn artist is laying everything on the line…more precisely, everything she traveled with on canvas. Elise Engler claims that she visually cataloged her entire inventory of luggage, since 1999, after drawing the 13,127 objects in her apartment. These objects formed part and parcel of excursions to such getaways as Galapagos, Jamaica and (of all places) Antarctica.

“[The suitcase drawings] are really a 13-year history of the clothes I carry — everything from my underwear to my overwear,” said Engler whose exhibit “Travel/Log,” opens on Jan. 11 in Bushwick.

“You can see everything — if I have pills, the pills decrease [from the beginning of the trip to the end], so you can see how many pills I’ve taken along the way.” The Brooklyn Paper


I’m not sure if any of this is important but it appears to be original. Personally, I don’t concern myself with the artistry within my luggage when traveling…I’m satisfied merely to have it (along with me and my wife) arrive in one piece.