Google Man Rides the Rails


Sergey Brin spotted on the NY subway — wearing Google Glass

I’m not sure about the “most powerful man in the world,” but Brin is a billionaire perhaps 18 times over, is number 24 on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world, and owns a Boeing 767 jet. And yet, he  apparently rides the subway just like any other commuter in New York, wearing a beanie cap and a track jacket.

One thing he’s wearing that most other commuters can’t, however, is Google Glass.

Source: Onkar Singh Gujral–Google+

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Ah, to be fortunate enough to routinely glide through life on a whim and sometimes commute via an impromptu photo-op. Nevertheless, I have a sense of humor; always a pushover for a sporty act…no matter how filthy rich the actor may be.