Art From Wreckage

sandy-slide_275172_1991925_freeIn the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York artists Allbriton Robbins and Hema Patel transformed rubble from the storm into vibrant works of art. The team painted bright colors and patterns on driftwood and debris collected from the wreckage, and are now selling the colorful artifacts online to benefit those who lost so much.

{see more/ gallery: Huffington Post}

sandy-slide_275172_1991926_freePersonally, this isn’t my idea of art nor of what art should be based upon; at least, not of  art as I know and understand it. Perhaps I’m wrong; it wouldn’t be the first time. Nevertheless, the intentions here are apparently so laudable, the concept so genuine, that it’s difficult to be critical without feeling a pang of conscience. But these works of art, sold at the Drift Relief website, range in price from $150 to $950 (btw: many are already sold out); those sort of prices compel me to question this form of art.