Ghost Dog Now Collared


Ghost Dog’s ghostly wanderings through Prospect Park have come to a heartwarming end: he’s now up for adoption. For years, the stray chocolate brown and black mastiff evaded the efforts of volunteer rescuers and dog control authorities to “collar” him.

He seemed to have contrived a phantasmal presence in the park; many doubted his very existence. But just as Ghost Dog was about to become a new entry in the urban legend archives, this reincarnation of the Hound of Baskervilles popped up at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. The shelter is now in the process of finding the right owner for the formerly unleashed and engrossingly spirited pooch.

Ghost Dog was the subject of a movie (no, not this one) and gained a reputation as Prospect Park’s spirit animal — sometimes with the pet name “Prospero.”

Fans studied his routines and knew where to find — and feed — him in the park.

He spent mornings over by the Vanderbilt Playground and enjoyed the sunset hour near the entrance to the Quaker Cemetery, and had a cadre of people who would bring him food, said Casey. Brooklyn Paper

While Ghost Dog might’ve have made his mark as one of Brooklyn’s most storied canines, he lost out to a German Shepherd named Cassius as most famous. Cassius is credited for successful search and rescue missions after disasters in Haiti, Sri Lanka, and New Orleans; in 2010, he won an award for his service. Alas, nowadays it’s a tough challenge for both man and beast to become a legend.