Years & Sparrows in Flight


Welcome to 2013! I hope you made it in one piece. How time flies beyond the scope of one’s lingering imagination and the years pass before one gets a chance to really know them: mere fleeting moments against the enormity of eons. An Icelandic Edda, from the 12th or 11th century, marvelously if rather bleakly symbolizes the temporal nature of life.

The Edda describes a tremendous banquet hall where a sumptuous feast is being served. Dinner guests are portrayed as timelessly, nebulously seated at a huge table partaking of endless varieties of food. A sparrow suddenly flies in through one of the windows, flutters to and fro around the hall, briefly perches on the back of a chair, swoops down at pecks at some of the food, and quickly flies out another window. The revelers are totally unaware of the bird‘s presence and continue at their feast upon its departure as if the bird had never been there.

Of course, the “bird” represents the transient nature of life, the “dinner guests” the generations of lives and the “banquet hall” the world; each of us, in our brief lifetime, experience only a small portion of this tremendous feast of existence.

Having said that, my Big Apple Dayze will carry on with its own unique and questionable carte du jour. Unlike the sparrow, I hope to perch within this banquet hall of steel and concrete called New York City for an extra serving; endeavoring to peck away at an interesting morsel or two for your passing interest.