Movable Eats & Treats


14 photos of NYC food carts from before you were born (from fresh churned buttermilk & milkshakes in 1896 to 5 cent franks in the 1930s) {read more}Gothamist


3 comments on “Movable Eats & Treats

  1. sonofwalt says:

    There is nothing like a hotdog from the streets of NYC. . . except maybe a hotdog from the streets of Chicago. 🙂 They are two different animals, but both wonderful.

    • But we curiously love those delectable street dogs while throwing reason and caution to the smog-happy wind.

      Thanks. Have a Happy New Year!

      • sonofwalt says:

        I know. I have no idea how the health department regulates such things, but yes, we do take our lives, or at least our immediate digestive health into our hands for these pleasures, don’t we? Happy 2013 to you!

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