Polar Bears At Sea Again

polar bear

The usual gang of adventurous, flamboyant, and/ or berserk swimmers.

As has been tradition for time immemorial, on New Year’s Day thousands of New Yorkers will ring in the New Year by taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean on the shores of Coney Island.

This year, the Coney Island New Year’s Day Polar Plunge [the Polar Bear Club] is even more important than ever. To be hosted 64 days after Superstorm Sandy devastated the area, this year’s New Year’s Plunge is an opportunity to reflect on the relief efforts to date, and raise awareness for the recovery ahead.

As for myself, I’d sooner dance a bolero atop the antenna on the Empire State Building before taking a polar plunge (or any plunge) at Coney Island on New Year’s Day. But I do love this kind of splashy spectacle; a tradition that undoubtedly says more about New Yorkers than we’d probably care to tell.