Tattoos On The Island

Staten Island may not lay claim to many distinctions but can finally boast of one: Island Tattoo, New York City‘s first tattoo museum. This is certainly a radical move for that ignored borough (suspected of being a covert part of New Jersey), often dismissed as lacking in the finer graces of NYC’s bohemian dwellings, commuter anxieties and hipster frivolity. (The last time I was in Staten Island was when my car broke down while en route home.)

The Gothamist went so far as to allege that Staten Island was on the road to becoming “Williamsburg II,” one of Brooklyn‘s newfound realms, cleverly bustling with herbal tea liberalism. Tattoos are the latest craze sweeping a society endowed with an overabundant luxury for self-expression (no matter how strikingly self-mutilating) and it’s rather odd that Staten Island, by fact and fancy, dangly conservative in its ways should be the first to  accommodate a tattoo museum.

In any event, Island Tattoo is the source and repository for total tattoo creativity. Located at 203 Old Town Road in Grasmere on Staten’s Island’s East Shore, Island Tattoo, as reported last summer in the Staten Island Advance, has drawn Staten Islanders attention to “the world’s most intimate canvass” and has lofty goals to broaden its popularity and appeal.

“The owner, known only as Dozer, has plans to create three tableaux in the 500-square foot space, with automated mannequins depicting tribal, ancient Japanese and World War II-era tattooing methods. Video and sound elements will add explanation and atmosphere to each scene.”

According to my somewhat dependable spies in the field, all has gone as planned for Island Tattoo.