By Beezelbub, It’s Big George!

George Steinbrenner’s ego is apparently just as big in death as it was in life; in fact, it appears to have grown even bigger. Last Monday, a bronze plaque honoring the late Big Boss Man of the New York Yankees was unveiled at Yankees Stadium’s Monument Field. To the amazement of a worshipful (or adulatory) crowd of devotees, the plaque loomed extremely large in legend as well as in fact.

A colossal seven feet by five feet of Steinbrenner-like redundancy, dwarfing the commemorative plaques of less magnificent Yankee legends (such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig), now overwhelms the field…and probably extends out to the parking lot.’s Rob Never writes: “I thought the Yankees were supposed to be bigger than just one man. I thought George Steinbrenner was just another in line of owners who’s made the Yankees the greatest franchise in American sports history, just as Derek Jeter is just another in a line of players, and Joe Torre was just another in a line of managers.”

And I think that Never’s statement makes perfect sense yet sounds hopelessly naive. What one thinks should be is null and void in the customized reality world of today’s NY Yankees.

A Gothamist commenter had this to say: “Hideous—looks like something they would have done on Seinfeld!”

However, not even Seinfeld, nor the like of Woody Allen, could satirize the NY Yankees as well they satirize themselves; it comes so unconsciously to this gang of ostentatious jesters. And people ask me: “Mike, why do you hate the Yankees so much?”

(originally published: 09/24/2010)

Source: Gothamist

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