Lou & Laurie By The Sea


Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson at Coney Island, 1995

Photo: Annie Lebowitz



4 comments on “Lou & Laurie By The Sea

  1. Just about anything by Annie Leibovitz is beautiful. The woman knows her trade.

  2. Hi! I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award


    I would be honoured if you accept!

    Best regards, Arlen

    • Thanks so much. Of course I accept your very generous nomination…even though you’re probably the only one who thinks so highly of this blog.

      In case you’re wondering why I haven’t been publishing very much lately, it’s because my wife and I are in our summertime mode; in other words, we’re vacationing here and there at irregular intervals. We just have to escape NYC at least once a year or perish!

      But this blog will once again be in full swing come September…and that’s a threat!

      Thanks again, Arlen. See you soon.

      Best Regards,

      Michael & Steffie

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