A Taste Of Venice?

If you’re unable to get to Venice, Italy you just might be able to get to Central Park, New York for that gondola ride you were dreaming of during your more romantic moments. At thirty dollars for a half hour, the Venetian Gondola Tour will give you a taste of liquescent amour while you sail the lazily lapping waters of the park’s speciously spacious lake.

Even though there are no mysterious and intricate canals to be found in Central Park, you could always conjure one up in your imagination while the gondolier accompanies your whispered sweet nothings with serenades and other tunes.

The Times has an essay from gondolier Liam Daniel Pierce [that sounds Italian], primarily accounting some of the more amusing tales of his sails, that includes forty-plus proposals he’s seen since rowing the boat, not one with an awkward rejection and silent cruise back to shore.  The Gothamist

I’m constantly amazed at the hipster playground New York City has become, practically overnight, while real New Yorkers strive on in bemused amusement. Our romantic cruises are usually experienced on the Staten Island Ferry.


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  1. Really, gondolas in Central Park? What happened to the rowboats? Change is constant. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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