Kate, Are You Hip Down On Highway 61?

Old Letter Bob Dylan Wrote To Neighbor Katharine Hepburn

While living at 242 East 49th Street, Bob Dylan once penned this letter to his neighbor Katharine Hepburn, announcing a party for his daughter and inviting her to come. The letter reads: “Dear Katharine Hepburn, My daughter is having a graduating party in the rented house next door to you, (the one with the dog) it will be from 7:30 to 10 — if you could stop by, you’d be most welcome. Bob Dylan.” According to How To Hepburn, the legendary actress was a no-show.

A real estate blog once noted that “behind the brownstone there are communal gardens which are shared by other rowhome owners” on the block, so presumably this party would have been extending into that area—here’s a look at it today. [via Letters of Note]

I absolutely love Dylan’s charmingly parenthetical, “the one with the dog.” As if the average person would’ve needed such particulars if Bob Dylan was his/ her next door neighbor. But we’re talking about Katherine Hepburn here: a well above average person…on-screen, at least.