Lock & Load To The Batcave!

Cartoon of the day: If only…

This devil that goes by the name of James Holmes is merely the latest homicidal sensation who will eventually be replaced by still another homicidal sensation. The problem with gun violence will, unfortunately, remain; if anything, it will only grow worse. Unfortunately, no deus ex machina in the form of stricter gun enforcement, Wild West-styled gun ownership, or superheroes arriving on the scene will end this scourge and allow us to live happily ever after.

But perhaps the scourge is not in our guns but in ourselves; a society that, for more than a generation, has become increasingly self-absorbed, childishly ridiculous, and, very often, utterly disregardful of another person’s right to live.

In America, however, such concern over societal issues could have a person labelled a “socialist” or related heretic; hence, we refrain from uttering anything hinting of this brand of societal blasphemy. Meanwhile, the chaos continues unabated while we, safe in our respective batcaves, watch it on the news; the media cashing in on the fruits of our laissez-faire existence.

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