Exercising Those Homicidal Urges

Dressed to kill with that “you talking to me?” approach.

After a grueling, stressful week at the office, what better way to unwind than by going out and blowing someone’s head off? Not literally, of course, but symbolically. Long before the polymer-splattered art of paintball, and long after the blood-splattered art of dueling, were all the rage, there was wax bullet dueling.

Wax bullet dueling started in Paris [I might’ve known] as a form of simulation training, then came to the States as a recreational sport, where the “bloodless duel” seemed to have established itself in New York City with the help of the Carnegie Sword and Pistol Club and the New York Athletic Club. {read more} Gothamist

This is something my wife and I just have to do! I’ll show her who’s boss if she doesn’t get me first.

A wax bullet duel outside of Carnegie Hall, 1909