Subway Stop/ Shop Frivolity

There are many frivolous questions but some are far more frivolous than others.  For instance, take the following:  What are there more of in Manhattan? Subway shops or subway stops?

That’s the frivolous question posed and answered by Subway’s fascinating “Restaurant” Locator, to which the frivolous answer is 171 Manhattan Subway sandwich shops to 147 (118, counting transfer stops) subway stations in that borough.

Brooklyn can gratuitously boast to having more actual than marquee-based subway stops with 155 (or 170) to Subway’s 70 locations in the borough I call home…among other less attractive things. However, I missed this bit of earth-shattering news while probing deep into the mysteries of pizzerias and Chinese restaurants. I also missed my train on several occasions.

Then again, we suspect the store locator is underselling Subway’s ubiquity — “Queens, NY” only yields one location, which is crazy wrong. Anyway, whatever. Welcome to Mall-hattan, kids! Look to your left and you’ll see the newly christened T.G.I. Friday’s of Union Square! Look to your right and you’ll see ESPN Zone! Oh wait, it closed yesterday — at least there’s that. Paging PF %$^&ing Chang’s!

Nevertheless, I casually suspect that this survey failed to take into account the many indefinitely closed, eternally abandoned and obscurely buried subway stations scattered throughout NYC; the same could be said for Subway shops.

But that’s where madness lies and that would be far too frivolous for this far too frivolous post.

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