Retro swimwear at Coney Island!


Last weeks heat wave was intense and what better way to spend it than at Coney Island with my favorite gal pal sipping lemonade out of Nathan’s jumbo cups enjoying the scenery of this beautiful place! I hadn’t seen my friend Ingrid in months because she’s been in Miami so it was a nice day to catch up and check out Coney Island’s new look. I am always trying to kill 3 birds with one stone so I also decided to shoot some swimsuits for a review on my blog being that CI has many great backdrops (This wouldn’t be my first time shooting at Coney Island lol Love it!). I haven’t been to CI in a while and it was refreshing to see how much it has changed for the better whilst still having many elements of its history. I was afraid they would tear it down and build casinos, apartment buildings…

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