Street Art From On High

Street Art: Painter Turns Pedestrian Plaza Into Mural

The wedge-shaped public space at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge is the site of a new mural, which was painted over five days and documented from above for a stop-motion video.

Artist David Ellis is known for his “motion paintings,” which show large improvised public pieces coming to fruition — but this mural is more than a pretty picture. Brooklyn Paper

3 comments on “Street Art From On High

  1. cool mural! hope to see it next time i’m in nyc. thanks for the link!

    • GrayFoxDown says:

      You’re very welcome. This mural is rather unique, isn’t it? Of late, street art is becoming very popular in NYC. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks so much for the feedback. (BTW: You appear to be a very talented artist yourself. Keep up the good work!)

      • It is rather unique. I would have enjoyed watching the execution of it. I don’t know how you’d even begin to tackle something so large.

        Thanks for checking out my work! Glad you liked it. 🙂

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