Spinning A Fair & Giant Tire

The U.S. Royal Tires Ferris Wheel was undoubtedly one of the most amazing rides/attractions at the 64/65 World’s Fair. Insofar as thrills were concerned, it wasn’t very thrilling at all; in fact, it was rather dull (even for me, an impressionable 10-year-old, who usually got a thrill from almost anything that came down the pike). But it was its stunning uniqueness, its splendidly spinning eccentricity, which made it truly amazing.

The giant wheel was 86 feet high and was designed by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, the same architectural firm that designed the Empire State Building. The outer-shell was constructed of a Uniroyal-developed polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber.  Powered by a 100 hp engine and containing 24 barrel-shaped gondolas, each carrying 4 people, it was capable of carrying up to 96 passengers; among the 2 million who took a spin on the wheel were Jacqueline Kennedy and the Shah of Iran. Wikipedia

After the Fair closed, the Tire appeared to have vanished. For decades I had presumed that it had rolled on to that Big Fair in the Sky. While browsing the Internet, I was happy to discover that the Tire is still extant if drastically altered. After being dissembled in New York, it was moved to Michigan in 1965; renamed the Uniroyal Giant Tire, it now stands in Allen Park, Michigan on I-94