It’s All Topsy-Turvy, Mon Amie!

That’s not a plane buzzing Central Park; it’s actually a quite static art installation buzzing our sensibilities. Paola Rivi’s How I Roll is the latest in a slew of surrealist-laced public art offerings that are popping up around town.

Italian-born Pivi, who is currently based in Alaska, created the plane as part of a sculpture series featuring large machines that have been taken out of their usual context, like an upside-down helicopter and an overturned tractor-trailer. “How I Roll reminds me of a famous anecdote about the birth of modernism,” Public Art Fund Director and Chief Curator Nicholas Baume said in a press release. “Constantin Brancusi, Marcel Duchamp, and Fernand Léger are said to have visited the 1912 Paris Air Show together. Upon observing a propeller, Brancusi [it was actually Duchamp not Brancusi] exclaimed, ‘Now that is what I call sculpture!'”

Central Park is big and New York City is, of course, even bigger. I suppose there’s room enough for this sort of thing here, especially when we consider that “art is long and life is short.” But I still believe this upside-down piece of art would look much better as a prop in a disaster movie. A disaster movie, did I say? Well, on second thought, perhaps the like of How I Roll does indeed belong here after all.

Source: Gothamist


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