Art On The Boondocks?

First of all, let me say that I have absolutely nothing against shipping containers when they’re doing their thing aboard freighters. I greatly appreciate the serviceable function these hefty devices provide in transporting products and materials from point to point around the globe. A not very glamorous endeavor, but it’s what they were built for and what they do best.

However, when I woke up one fine and muddled morning to discover that an accumulation of shipping containers have gone from containing goods to exhibiting art…well, I wasn’t very surprised. Photoville is the latest in hipster-themed sideshows down on the boondocks…or, as it’s aspiringly called today, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Photoville, a new and ambitious free exhibition opening this weekend in Brooklyn Bridge Park, represents a perfect compromise for New Yorkers torn between basking in warm fresh air and imbibing cutting-edge culture. Using a few dozen shipping containers as exhibition spaces, the event will show the work of photographers both famous and emerging, as well as that of contest-winners whose pieces will be featured on “The Fence,” a thousand-foot mesh banner running through the park. NYT

I hate to sound like a snob or an old stick in the mud (I’m really not), but there are many far more attractive venues for basking while imbibing so-called “cutting-edge culture” in and around the NYC area. Some of these venues actually exhibit art without resorting to artifice.