Kayaking Commutes

Why be bothered with life’s more conventional modes of transportation from New Jersey to Manhattan when you can kayak to and fro? Zach Schwitzky and Erik David Barber of Hoboken felt that they were too dynamic for vehicular crossings by way of Hudson River bridges or tunnels and decided on their quite unique if more direct option.

The digital media entrepreneurs travel about a mile on the river to get to their office in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan, a trip that takes close to a half-hour.

They dock the kayaks near their office on West 37th Street and walk the rest of the way, amid the cacophony of daily life in New York — the beeping and the honking and the whirring.

Sometimes they bring the watercraft to their office. Even to jaded New Yorkers, it’s quite the sight to see a pair of men carrying kayaks down the street. (read more NJ.com)

Yes, indeed. More and more (especially well-heeled) citizens of the metro-New York area are apparently doing their own thing in their own time. Insofar as commuting is concerned, yesterday it was bicycling or roller skating to work. Today’s it’s kayaking. Who knows? Tomorrow it may be commuter flights via hang-gliders with arrivals and departures through office windows. The city is becoming one big happy corporate playground.