Mapping The Mob

Carmine Galante’s “Bon Voyage” (July 12, 1979) at Joe and Mary’s Italian-American Restaurant; 205 Knickerbocker Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn

The generation of apps is apparently endless; its potential very often defies imagination. And just when you thought that you had your fill of apps here, and apps there, yet another app appears at Apple.

Mafia Maps has recently hit the app market; in fact, hits are what Mafia Maps is all about. If you’re an aficionado of that “all in the family” brand of murder and mayhem, with a New York City setting, then this app’s for you. Mafia Maps, containing historical documentation spanning 70 years, allows you to map the best in mob-related crime scenes while you tour the city; you’ll also receive crime scene updates on a regular basis.

For $1.99, you can visit those infamously beloved sites where the final curtain came down on nearly a century’s worth of worthlessness…perhaps it’s an offer you can’t refuse.