Big Winds, Big Seas, Big Gates


Scientists are predicting that New York City will soon be hit by the Big One: not an earthquake, but a massive and deadly hurricane that will rival if not surpass Hurricane Katrina. Situated as it is on the globe, hurricanes that threaten the city are usually dissipated by the cold waters of the Atlantic; but those hurricanes that do reach this far north are also traveling at a faster rate of speed. What would be a Category 2 hurricane in a southern state like Florida or Georgia, would become a Category 5 if it were to make landfall in New York.

The worst of worst case scenarios would occur if one of these storms directly entered New York Harbor. Together with Long Island to the east and New Jersey to the west, the harbor forms an L-shaped region that scientists call “the funnel.” The hurricane’s energy would hit a “dead-end” and become further intensified by the turbulent waters of the East River and Hudson River at its head, while propelled by the equally turbulent waters of the Narrows at its center; the storm essentially becoming a whirlpool within a whirlpool.

A “Bernoulli Effect” would occur with skyscrapers amplifying the storm’s  winds, blasting through areas such as Central Park with tree-shredding torrents of air. Water levels would rise to 13 feet in a single hour and continue climbing until they reached 25 or more feet in many low-lying areas. Manhattan Island  would “divide” into “two islands” at Canal Street, which is low ground and become completely submerged, according to a team of Columbia University engineers… a “canal” would indeed run along Canal Street.

The financial district would be left completely isolated, and even higher ground in Manhattan’s uptown would see water levels of 18 feet. Subways would be flooded, roads and airports closed, power failures citywide, telephone and internet connections down, basic drinking water contaminated due to ocean-inundated treatment plants, etc….in short, New York City would be brought to a virtual standstill, unprecedented in its history.

To prevent or to lessen such a day of wrath like this from occurring here, Malcolm Bowman, professor of oceanography at Stony Brook, proposed the construction of massive hydraulic gates situated at three strategic points encircling New York Harbor: one at the East River off of LaGuardia Airport, another at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, off of Staten Island, and a main gate at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. In the event of a serious hurricane endangering NYC, these gates (to put it quite simply) would be activated and rise 25 feet above the water’s surface and, hopefully,  block the hurricane’s storm surge.

This project would be the most ambitious and most expensive in the city’s history. Bowman insists that installation of this gate system is the only thing that could prevent the disastrous effects of a direct hit from a major hurricane. He was endeavoring to marshal the political will and financial support for his proposal, and his meetings with Port Authority officials in 2001 were going well, when 9/11 occurred…”And you know what happened next,” Bowman shrugged.

Nevertheless, my wife and I are looking on the bright side of it all: we’ve always wanted to go whitewater rafting without leaving home.

Source: “Hitting the Funnel” — The Five-Year Forecast  by Clive Thompson

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  1. Abandon TV says:

    Did you know there was a category 3 hurricane (Erin) sitting right off the coast of NY on September 11th 2001? I believe it was slightly larger than Katrina.

    It had been making a direct bee line towards NY for a couple of weeks prior to 9/11 yet it was not reported by any of the news/ weather media. Not even *before* the 9/11 attacks.

    Archived TV weather reports from the morning of 9/11 (before the attacks when the networks were still running as normal) do not even show a hurricane sitting there at all, nor did the weathermen mention any hurricane even though it was right offshore. Although 9/11 was a blue sky day all the local airports reported thunder and it had already started raining further north in Cape Cod.

    If you don’t believe me look here or research it for yourself.

    Here’s a presentation by Dr Judy Wood who first discovered this ‘censored’ hurricane as well as a lot of other weird and shocking things about that awful day…..LINK Her research is well worth a look IMHO.

    Also re: your latest post about evolution (there’s no comment button on it). Did you know that Crick who co-discovered DNA said he did not believe life could have evolved on earth?

    He stated a few years before his death that in his (presumably quite authoritative) opinion there was simply not enough time between the cooling of the earth and the beginnings of life as we know it (DNA based) for life to have got started through molecules randomly bumping into one another in the primeval soup and forming DNA strands.

    He likened this probability to that of a hurricane blowing through a junkyard and assembling a fully functional 747 as a result.

    He was sure the planet must have been ‘seeded’ either naturally (comet etc) or by design by some alien race perhaps sending out bacteria (the way we send out satellites into deep space filled with little messages and stuff).

    Of course this isn’t the same as denying all evolution, just the initial ‘spark of life’ part.

    That’s all! 🙂

    • GrayFoxDown says:

      You offer some extremely interesting feedback. I was unaware of the danger that Erin posed. The storm is found at Wikipedia…sans the threat to NYC. I’ll certainly look into it along with the other subjects you’ve mentioned. Thanks so much for your reply.

      (PS: I corrected the Comment setting for my blog; it was mistakenly reset. Thanks for bringing my attention to this.)

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